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Amos was located in the Rhodian Peraia in Caria on the Mediterranean coast. It was probably connected with Lindos which is supported by epigraphic finds from that city. Its connection to the poleis of Rhodes is further attested by the use of the Doric dialect in the inscriptions found at the settlement.

Amos was in the 5th century incorporated in the Delian league together with the other Rhodian areas, and is noted in the Athenian tributes lists as belonging to the community of the kherronēsioi ("the people of the peninsula"). The Loryma peninsula is the most probable candidate for this peninsula; the other members of this community are unknown. At some point during this period, Amos and the other two members of the kherronēsioi formed an economic union (συντέλεια, synteleia) in order to pay their tributes. The members of this synteleia must have incorporated the majority of the Loryma peninsula.

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