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We are constantly using and improving the most advanced forms of offline mobile navigation technology.
Add maps with your own content or use one of
the 232 available maps which come in 9 languages and with tourist attractions added.

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offline navigation
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How it works

1. Create a map

Choose the city or country for your offline map in your personal account. You can then add your
own points to the map and/or copy from the list of main tourist attractions provided by our editors.

2. Share your offline map with your audience

Based on your map, we will create a beautiful landing page (for example, an offline map of Phuket), a link to which you can make available on your resources. You will receive 50% from the sale of each offline map. You can also buy a set of links for free downloads of offline maps and share them with your audience.

3. Installing offline maps on iPhone, iPad and Android

The client visits the link on their smartphone or tablet (or scans a QR code), downloads the offline map and enjoys the luxury of convenient navigation.

More flexible options are available for services and sites through our API.
Please email us at [email protected] for details

For guides

Here's an example of a guide leading a tour group of 30 people on an excursion around Paris. The guide has created an offline map of Paris using Turroo which shows people where to find the city's main tourist attractions as well as good places to shop and the meeting place for the excursion.

By selling each tourist a map for just $2, the guide makes the following additional income from a single excursion:

+$39 ($2*30=$60 after the fee for generating coupons has been deducted
Number of tourists
Price of one map
Earnings +$8.3

A popular travel website or blog

Here's another example of a popular site about travelling in Thailand with a monthly audience of 100,000 people. Publishing a link to buy an offline map marked with all the most interesting spots in Thailand under each video would generate the following additional monthly revenue with a price of $3 and a 1% conversion rate:

+ $2550 $3*1,000 (1% of 100,000)=$3,000 after the fee for generating coupons links has been deducted 1,000*$0.29=$450)

For hotels

Print a QR-code on your business card for your guests to download an offline map showing the location of your hotel. This will help your guests to find their way back after sightseeing!

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