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Fontana del Gigante

The Fontana del Gigante, or Fountain of the Giant, is a popular attraction located in the beautiful city of Messina, Italy. This fountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city and has a rich history dating back to the 16th century.

The Fontana del Gigante was originally built by the sculptor Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli in 1547. The fountain features a giant statue of Orion, a mythological giant, holding a club and surrounded by sea creatures. It is said to represent the strength and power of the city of Messina.

However, the original fountain was destroyed during the devastating earthquake of 1908. It was later reconstructed in 1955 by the sculptor Francesco Jerace, who replicated the original design as closely as possible. The new fountain stands proudly in the Piazza Duomo, the main square of Messina, and continues to be a symbol of the city's resilience.

Visitors to the Fontana del Gigante can admire the impressive statue and the intricate details of the sea creatures that surround it. The fountain is especially beautiful when illuminated at night, creating a magical atmosphere in the square.

When visiting the Fontana del Gigante, it is recommended to take a leisurely stroll around the Piazza Duomo and explore the nearby attractions. The square is also home to the stunning Messina Cathedral, which is worth a visit to admire its impressive architecture and beautiful artwork.

Additionally, make sure to try some of the delicious local cuisine in the surrounding cafes and restaurants. Messina is known for its seafood dishes, so don't miss the opportunity to indulge in some fresh seafood pasta or traditional Sicilian treats.

To fully appreciate the Fontana del Gigante and the city of Messina, it is also worth exploring the surrounding area. Messina is conveniently located near the stunning beaches of Sicily, as well as other charming towns and historical sites. If you have the time, consider taking a day trip to Taormina, a picturesque town famous for its ancient Greek theater and breathtaking views of Mount Etna.

Overall, the Fontana del Gigante is a must-visit attraction in Messina, offering a glimpse into the city's history and providing a beautiful backdrop for memorable photos. So, don't forget to include this enchanting fountain in your itinerary when exploring Italy's charming Sicilian region.

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