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Wat Si Suphan, also known as Si Suphan Temple, stands along Wualai Road in Tambon Hai Ya, Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Mai Province. Its origins date back to the reign of King Mueang Kaeo in the Mangrai dynasty in the year 1500 (2043 B.E.), marked by the consecration of the revered Phrachao Ched Tue or Phra Phutthapatihan Buddha image. Subsequent enhancements occurred in 1509 with the construction of the ordination hall and Phra Wihan Borommathai Chedi, coinciding with the establishment of the ceremonial site and the restoration of the Buddha image. However, the original structure has been replaced by a silver ordination hall due to deterioration.

The architectural style is rooted in Lanna craftsmanship, employing masonry techniques adorned with delicate carvings and aluminum-and-silver decorations. This three-dimensional artwork intricately narrates tales of Buddhism, presents dharma puzzles, and recounts the temple's history. The purpose extends beyond religious preservation, encompassing the conservation of local silverware craftsmanship and serving as a source of pride for the Lanna kingdom across generations. Wat Si Suphan stands as a testament to cultural legacy, a blend of artistry, and a guardian of local wisdom.