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May Lighthouse Ke Ga

The Ke Ga Lighthouse, also known as the Ke Ga Cape Lighthouse, is located in the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the region and a popular tourist attraction. Here is some information about the lighthouse:

History: The Ke Ga Lighthouse was built in 1897 during the French colonial period. It was designed by a French architect and constructed with granite stones imported from France. The lighthouse was originally used to guide ships safely through the waters of the South China Sea.

Location: The Ke Ga Lighthouse is situated on a small island known as Ke Ga Island, about 20 kilometers from Phan Thiet City. To reach the lighthouse, visitors need to take a boat ride from Ham Tien Beach or Phan Thiet City. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

Architecture: The lighthouse stands at a height of 65 meters, making it the tallest lighthouse in Vietnam. Its cylindrical tower is painted in distinctive red and white stripes, which adds to its charm and uniqueness. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Tips for tourists:
1. Weather: The best time to visit the Ke Ga Lighthouse is during the dry season, which lasts from November to April. The weather is usually sunny and pleasant, making it ideal for exploring the area and enjoying the views.

2. Climbing the lighthouse: If you plan to climb to the top of the lighthouse, be prepared for a steep ascent. The staircase is quite narrow and can be challenging for those with mobility issues. However, the effort is worth it, as the breathtaking views from the top are truly memorable.

3. Photography: The Ke Ga Lighthouse is a photographer's paradise. Don't forget to bring your camera and capture the stunning scenery, especially during sunrise or sunset. The contrast of the lighthouse against the backdrop of the sea creates incredible photo opportunities.

4. Nearby attractions: While visiting the Ke Ga Lighthouse, you can also explore other nearby attractions such as the pristine beaches of Phan Thiet, the Red Sand Dunes, and the Fairy Stream. These attractions are within a short distance and offer additional opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Visiting the Ke Ga Lighthouse is a wonderful experience for those seeking natural beauty and historical landmarks. It offers a glimpse into Vietnam's colonial past and provides a unique perspective of the coastal landscape.