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Isola di San Michele

Isola di San Michele, also known as the Island of San Michele, is a small island located in the Venetian Lagoon, just northeast of the main islands of Venice, Italy. It is a popular destination for tourists seeking a break from the bustling streets of Venice.

History: San Michele has a rich history that dates back to the 9th century. Originally, it was a small, marshy island used as a burial ground for victims of the plague. In the 19th century, it was designated as the main cemetery for the city of Venice and became a burial site for prominent Venetians. Today, it continues to serve as the city's cemetery.

Tips for tourists:
1. Visiting hours: The island is open to visitors from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and public holidays, the visiting hours may vary, so it's best to check in advance.

2. Respectful attire: As San Michele is a cemetery, it is important to dress respectfully. Avoid wearing revealing or inappropriate clothing out of respect for the deceased and their families.

3. Photography restrictions: While photography is allowed in most parts of the island, it is prohibited in certain areas, particularly around the gravesites. Be mindful of the signs and avoid taking pictures in restricted areas.

4. Silence and respect: San Michele is a place of mourning and reflection, so it is important to maintain a quiet and respectful demeanor during your visit. Avoid loud conversations, music, or any disruptive behavior.

5. Famous graves: The island is the final resting place of many notable individuals, including Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni, and American poet Ezra Pound. If you have specific graves you wish to visit, it's advisable to get a map or guide to help you locate them.

6. Vaporetto transportation: To reach San Michele, you can take the vaporetto (water bus) from various points in Venice, such as Fondamenta Nove or Murano. The journey takes only a few minutes, and there are regular departures throughout the day.

San Michele offers a unique and peaceful experience away from the crowded tourist areas of Venice. It is a place where you can reflect on the city's history and pay homage to those who have shaped it.