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Limassol Armenian school

The Limassol Armenian School, also known as the "Armenian Prelacy School of Limassol," is an educational institution located in the city of Limassol, Cyprus. It is an important center for the Armenian community on the island.

The school was established in 1946 to provide education to the Armenian children living in Limassol and its surrounding areas. It was founded by the Armenian Prelacy of Cyprus, which oversees the religious and cultural affairs of the Armenian community in the country.

The school initially began as a small establishment, but over the years, it has grown and developed into a well-respected educational institution. It offers education from kindergarten to high school levels, following the Armenian curriculum.

Education and Facilities:
The Limassol Armenian School provides a comprehensive education that includes subjects such as Armenian language, history, literature, mathematics, science, and foreign languages. The school also places a strong emphasis on Armenian culture, traditions, and values.

The institution boasts modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, science laboratories, a library, and sports facilities. The school's dedicated teaching staff ensures a high standard of education and a supportive learning environment for the students.

Armenian Cultural Activities:
Apart from academic education, the Limassol Armenian School actively promotes Armenian culture through various extracurricular activities. Students participate in cultural events, music and dance performances, and celebrate Armenian holidays and traditions. These activities help to strengthen the students' connection to their Armenian heritage.

Tips for Visitors:
While the Limassol Armenian School primarily serves the local Armenian community, visitors are welcome to explore the school's facilities and learn about its educational programs. If you are interested in Armenian culture and history, a visit to the school can provide valuable insights into the community's heritage.

It is recommended to contact the school in advance to arrange a visit and check for any specific visiting hours or restrictions. The school is located in the heart of Limassol, making it easily accessible by public transportation or taxi.

Overall, the Limassol Armenian School is an important institution for the Armenian community in Cyprus, offering education, cultural activities, and a sense of community for its students.