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Александровский сад

9 April Park, also known as Park of the 9th of April, is a popular park located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. It is one of the largest and oldest parks in the city, offering a peaceful and green oasis for locals and tourists alike.

The park is named in commemoration of the events that took place on April 9, 1989, when a peaceful demonstration for independence from the Soviet Union was violently suppressed by the Soviet army, resulting in the tragic deaths of 20 people. The park serves as a memorial to those who lost their lives during this significant moment in Georgia's history.

Covering an area of approximately 30 hectares, 9 April Park features beautiful landscapes, tree-lined pathways, and various recreational areas. It is a perfect spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and relaxing amidst nature. The park also offers stunning views of the surrounding cityscape and the nearby Mtkvari River.

Within the park, you will find several notable attractions. The most prominent one is the Memorial of the 9th of April, which stands as a reminder of the tragic events and serves as a symbol of the country's struggle for independence. The memorial consists of a tall column topped with a golden statue of St. George slaying a dragon.

Additionally, there are several cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the park where visitors can enjoy a meal or refreshments while taking in the serene atmosphere. The park is also home to various playgrounds for children, making it a family-friendly destination.

When visiting 9 April Park, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes as there are many paths to explore. The park can get quite crowded during weekends and holidays, so if you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting on weekdays. It is also recommended to bring a camera to capture the beautiful scenery and the memorial.

Overall, 9 April Park is not only a place of natural beauty but also a significant historical site in Tbilisi. It provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city and offers visitors a chance to reflect on the country's past while enjoying the present.