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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Temple of Antas

The Temple of Antas is an ancient Carthaginian-Roman temple in the commune of Fluminimaggiore, southern Sardinia, Italy. It is located in an area colonised by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans, attracted by its iron and lead deposits. It cons...

Port of Cagliari

The Port of Cagliari is one of the largest Italian seaports and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin, with an annual traffic capacity of around 50 million tonnes of cargo and 1,000,000 TEU's. The port is also an important emplo...

Cagliari Elmas Airport

The airport opened on 3 May 1937. It was upgraded in 2003 and the terminal was expanded and provided with 6 jetbridges for passenger boarding, with a capacity of 4 million passengers per year. In 2014, the airport handled 3,639,627 passengers.

Capo Caccia Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1864 on the top of the namesake promontory overlooking the sea, just above Neptune's Grotto connected by s staircase of 656 steps named Escala de Cabirol (Staircase of roe). The light station is a three-story white building ...

Capo Carbonara Lighthouse

The place, for its position, hosted several defensive towers as Fortezza Vecchia built by the Aragonesi, the tower of Porto Giunco built in 1580 and the small tower light of Capo Carbonara built in 1578. The first lighthouse was built in 1917 and was ...

Giants' grave of Coddu Vecchiu

Coddu Vecchiu is a Nuragic funerary monument located near Arzachena in northern Sardinia, dating from the Bronze Age. The site consists of a stele, stone megaliths and a gallery grave, and is one of the larger Nuragic Giants' graves on the island. The ...

Giants' grave of S'Ena'e Thomes

The giants' grave of S'Ena'e Thomes is a nuragic-era archaeological site located in the municipality of Dorgali, in the province of Nuoro, Sardinia. The tomb, dating back to the Bronze Age, has a dolmen structure with a central stele. The large exed...

Isola delle Bisce Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1935 and consists of a masonry tapered cylindrical tower, 9 metres (30 ft) high, with balcony and lantern. The tower and the lantern are painted white, the balcony in green and the lantern dome in grey metallic. The light is...

Nuraghe Losa

The nuraghe Losa (in Sardinia, close to the village of Abbasanta) is a complex prehistoric building in the shape of a tholos tomb. Its central structure has a triangular shape. On the west side, a turreted wall is linked to it. The whole built compl...

Monte d'Accoddi

Monte d'Accoddi is a Neolithic archaeological site in northern Sardinia, located in the territory of Sassari near Porto Torres. The site consists of a massive raised stone platform thought to have been an altar. It was constructed by the Ozieri culture...

Nuraghe S'Urachi

The Nuraghe S'Urachi or S'Uraki is an archaeological site of the Bronze Age period located in the municipality of San Vero Milis, in the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy. Situated in an alluvial plain near the town, it is a complex nuraghe, pro...

Nuraghe Palmavera

The nuraghe Palmavera is an archaeological site located in the territory of Alghero, Sardinia. It is classified as a complex nuraghe, that consists of several towers joined together. The nuraghe and the surrounding village were built in various phase d...

Nuraghe Mannu

Nuraghe Mannu is a nuragic archaeological site located about 180 metres (590 ft) above sea level overlooking the village of Cala Gonone. It is located on the east coast of Sardinia, in the middle of the gulf of Orosei, province of Nuoro and the municip...

Tortolì Airport

Tortolì Airport, also known as Tortolì-Arbatax airport (IATA: TTB, ICAO: LIET) is a regional airport, located in the Province of Nuoro, in central east of Sardinia, Italy. It is located 140 km from Cagliari and 100 km from Nuoro and operated by Gestion...

Tiscali (village)

Tiscali Village is an archaeological site situated in Sardinia, in the comune of Dorgali. It is situated within a large cave in Monte Tiscali. It consists of the remains of a number of round dwellings dating from the first millennium BC. The site...

Su Nuraxi

Su Nuraxi is a nuragic archaeological site in Barumini, Sardinia, Italy. Su Nuraxi simply means "The Nuraghe" in Campidanese, the southern variant of the Sardinian language. Su Nuraxi is a settlement consisting of a seventeenth century BCE Nuraghe, ...

Punta Sardegna Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1913 and consists of a granite quadrangular tower, 15 metres (49 ft) high, with balcony and lantern atop a 2-storey keeper's house. The building and the tower are painted white, the lantern dome in grey metallic. The lightho...

Porto Torres Lighthouse

The first lighthouse (40°50′22.2″N 8°24′05.5″E) was established in 1855 with a light on a massive octagonal prism tower, 20 metres (66 ft) high, built in 1325 by the will of the Aragonese Admiral Carroz who conquered the region in that period. It had t...

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Sassari

The Orto Botanico dell'Università di Sassari is a new building complex (still unfinished after several decades) now being constructed for the University of Sassari. It is located between Via Piandanna and SP15m at the western edge of Sassari, Sardinia,...

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Olbia-Costa Smeralda) (IATA: OLB, ICAO: LIEO) is an airport in Olbia, Sardinia. It is the primary operating base for Italian airline Air Italy whose headquarters are located at the airport. It mostly ...









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