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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Romanian Athenaeum

In 1865, cultural and scientific personalities such as Constantin Esarcu, V. A. Urechia, and Nicolae Creţulescu founded the Romanian Atheneum Cultural Society. To serve its purposes, the Romanian Athenaeum, a building dedicated to art and science, woul...

Monument to the Heroes of the Air

Attached to the top of the obelisk, which reaches 15 m, is a 5-meter, 5-ton statue depicting a flying man, his wings outstretched. The folds of a shawl fall from his waist onto the obelisk. Three aviators, each in a different stage of flight attempt, a...

Sala Radio

Sala Radio (Romanian for "Radio Hall"; in full, Studioul de concerte "Mihail Jora" – Mihail Jora Concert Studio) is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest, Romania that plays an important role in the country's classical music life. Built in 1959 and...

Bucharest Bărăția

The history of the church can be traced back to 1314, when Franciscan monks built a wooden church near the early settlements at the location of present-day Bucharest, mainly for Italian merchants traveling to the Byzantine Empire. Bucharest was foun...

Batiștei Church

On the site of the present church or immediately nearby, an earlier church with the same name was built under Matei Basarab (1632-1654), first mentioned in a document of 1660. According to Nicolae Iorga, the name comes from Baptista Vevelli (Romanianiz...

Crețulescu Palace

Crețulescu Palace is a historic building near the Cișmigiu Gardens on the Știrbei Vodă street nr. 39 in Bucharest, Romania. It has been built for the Crețulescu family at the beginning of the 20th century, by Romanian architect Petre Antonescu (1873-19...

Kilometre Zero

The Kilometre Zero monument located in central Bucharest, Romania, in front of Saint George's Church, was created by Constantin Baraski in 1938. The distances from Bucharest to other cities in Romania are measured from this monument. It is divided i...

Bucharest Russian Church

St. Nicholas Russian Church is located in central Bucharest, Romania, just off University Square. Russian Ambassador Mikhail Nikolaevich Giers initiated the building of a Russian Orthodox church in central Bucharest in 1905. It was meant mainly for the...

Armenian Church

The Armenian Church is an Armenian Apostolic church located at 43 Carol I Boulevard in Bucharest, Romania. It is dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The cornerstone was laid in July 1911, and building proceeded according to the plans of...

Anglican Church

The land over which the church was built was given by the Commune of Bucharest to the British Crown in December 1900, the erection of the building being finished in 1914, but the interiors (with furnishings from England) were finished only after World ...

Cantacuzino Palace

Built in 1901–1903 for Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, mayor of Bucharest and former prime-minister. After his death, the building was inherited by his son Mihail G. Cantacuzino, who died prematurely in 1929. Mihail's wife Maria remarried in December 193...

Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

Located in the heart of Bucharest on Str. Episcopiei at the corner of Calea Victoriei on the former site of the Han Gherasi (Han is Romanian for "inn"), the hotel faces onto the small park in front of the Romanian Athenaeum on Revolution Square (origin...

Antim Monastery

The Antim Monastery is located in Bucharest, Romania on Mitropolit Antim Ivireanu Street, no. 29. It was built between 1713 and 1715 by Saint Antim Ivireanu, at that time a Metropolitan Bishop of Wallachia. The buildings were restored by Patriarch Just...

Bucur Church

Bucur Church is a church which formerly served as the chapel for the Radu Voda Monastery. There is no exact date for the building of the church and this has been the subject of much discussion among Romanian historians. For a long time, many historians...

CEC Palace

Before the construction of the palace, the location was occupied by the ruins of a monastery (Saint John the Great) and an adjoining inn. The 16th-century church was renovated by Constantin Brâncoveanu during 1702 - 1703, but later deteriorated and was...

Arcul de Triumf

The first, wooden, triumphal arch was built hurriedly, after Romania gained its independence (1878), so that the victorious troops could march under it. Another arch with concrete skeleton and plaster exterior of elaborate sculptures and decoration des...

Sala Palatului

Sala Palatului (Palace Hall) in Bucharest, Romania is a conference centre and concert hall immediately behind the National Museum of Art of Romania, the former royal palace in the heart of the city. It was built between 1959 and 1960, during the commun...

Bucharest Botanical Garden

The Bucharest Botanical Garden, now named after its founder, Dimitrie Brândză, is located in the Cotroceni neighbourhood of Bucharest, Romania. It has a surface of 17.5 hectares (including 4,000 m² of greenhouses), and has more than 10,000 species of p...

București Mall

Bucureşti Mall (known locally as Mall Vitan) is a shopping mall located in Bucharest, Romania, close to the Dudeşti and Văcăreşti neighbourhoods. At the time of its completion it was the first shopping mall in Romania. Located on Calea Vitan approxi...

Băneasa Shopping City

Besides the Băneasa Commercial Platform, Băneasa Developments orchestrates a unique mix of real estate developments, shopping center management and an extensive entertainment unit. Băneasa Shopping City is an extensive commercial and real estate area l...









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