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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Nizhny Novgorod Fair

According to Durland, a journalist who visited the fair in 1905, the fair dates from "before the discovery of America." The fair was established by Muscovite princes to compete with, and draw commerce away from, a fair held since 1257, at Kazan, the Ta...

Chkalov Stairs

The Chkalov Stairs is a monumental flight of steps in the center of Nizhny Novgorod, connecting Minin and Pozharsky Square, the Upper Volga and the Lower Volga embankments. It was built by the architects Alexander Yakovlev, Lev Rudnev and Vladimir Munt...

Lokomotiv Stadium

The Lokomotiv Central Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was the home ground of Olimpiyets Nizhny Novgorod. The stadium holds 17,856 people and was opened in 1932. It unde...

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

The first attempt to replace the wooden fort with a stone Kremlin was recorded in 1374, but construction was limited to a single tower, known as the Dmitrovskaya Tower (this has not survived). Under the rule of Ivan III, Nizhny Novgorod played the role...

Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory

Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory was the first Soviet science laboratory in the field of radio electronics. It was based in 1918 in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1928, the laboratory was reorganized and moved into the Central Radio Laboratory in Leningrad.

Nizhny Novgorod railway station

The building was erected in the 1870s and has been overhauled a few times. In 2002 the station was modernized with the installation of terminal equipment for automatic checking of tickets, and the construction of sheds over platforms.

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

The Polish Warsaw University of Technology was established in 1898. Due to World War I, the university was evacuated and moved to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in 1915. It was renamed to Nizhny Novgorod University of Technology, and later (in 1918), incorpo...

Sormovo Airfield

Sormovo (or Gorkiy Sormovo) is an airfield in Russia, located on the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod, some 8 km (5.0 mi) from the center city, just west of the Sokol Aircraft Plant. Legally, it is within the city's Moskovsky District (Московский район), b...

Strigino International Airport

Strigino was officially exploited on July 23, 1923, as a domestic airport. Nizhny Novgorod International Airport is one of the oldest airports in Russia. In 2013, Strigino served 917,424 passengers, a +22.8% increase from the passenger traffic of 2012....

Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue

The Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue serves the Jewish community of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, which currently numbers over 10,000 people. It is located at 5a Gruzinskaya Street. The Jewish population of the city grew rapidly during the 19th and ...

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox cathedral church located in the Kanavinsky city district of Nizhny Novgorod. The cathedral is located on the former territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. It is one of the unofficial symbols of Nizhn...

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The construction of the church began in 1696. The construction was almost completed by 1701, but a fire broke out in the temple. The burnt down church was restored by the wife of merchant Grigory Dmitrievich Stroganov - Maria Yakovlevna. It was consecr...

Historic centre of Nizhny Novgorod

The historic centre of Nizhny Novgorod (also old Nizhny Novgorod, the old town) is the downtown of Nizhny Novgorod with historical buildings in the borders up to 1917. A large number of ancient buildings, natural landmarks and historic districts are fo...

Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street

Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street is the main street in the historical centre of Nizhny Novgorod. One of the oldest streets. Until 1917 it was considered a street for noblemen. Formed as the main street of the city by the end of the 18th century. It is consi...

Minin and Pozharsky Square

The Minin and Pozharsky Square is the main square of Nizhny Novgorod. It is a social and cultural center of the city, the venue of the most important celebrations. It is located in the historical centre of the old town from the southeast side of the Kr...

Rozhdestvenskaya Street

The settlement on the site of the modern Rozhdesvenskaya street began literally from the time the city was founded. It is known that in the 14th century, this territory was part of the border of wood-reinforced fortifications known as the Lesser Ostrog...

Spit of Nizhny Novgorod

The Spit separates the Oka and the Volga. In the past, it was a port for cargo ships arriving and departing Nizhny Novgorod. The Spit is also the location of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. There is stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup on the Spit. T...

Nizhny Novgorod Cableway

Nizhny Novgorod Cableway is a 3660 metres long gondola lift cable car link across the Volga River in Russia connecting the city of Nizhny Novgorod with the town of Bor. It was inaugurated in the nains of February 2012 and crosses the Volga River in ...

Nizhny Novgorod City Rail

Nizhny Novgorod City Rail is a network of railway transport (S-Train or Overground) in Nizhny Novgorod. Together with the metro it forms a system of high-speed rail transport of the city. It has 2 lines – Sormovskaya and Priokskaya. It was founded on J...

N. A. Dobrolyubova State Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod

N. A. Dobrolyubova State Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod is an institution of higher education in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and it is one of four linguistic universities in Russia. The institution was established in the year 1937 as...









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