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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.


Geumjeongsanseong is the largest mountain fortress in the Republic of Korea today. It is located on Geumjeongsan in the Busan Metropolitan City. Following the Japanese invasion of 1592 and the Manchu invasion in 1627 and again in 1637, awareness of ...


The Branch Wall-fortress in Busanjin (also known as Jaseongdae) is located at Beomil-dong, Dong-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, the Republic of Korea.The existing wall-fortress remains were constructed by the Japanese military during the Japanese invasion...

Busan Lotte Town Tower

The Busan Lotte Town Tower, also known as Busan Lotte World Tower is a 108-floor, 510.1 m (1,674 ft) supertall skyscraper on hold in Busan, South Korea. The tower is planned on a site next to Nampo-dong station on Busan Subway Line 1. The tower is t...

Busan Exhibition and Convention Center

Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, commonly known as BEXCO is a convention and exhibition center located in Centum City, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea. It features over 46,500㎡ of exhibition space and 53 meeting rooms. In June 2012, BEXCO compl...

Busan Cinema Center

The Busan Cinema Center (also called "Dureraum", meaning enjoying seeing movies all together in Korean) is the official, exclusive venue of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), where its opening and closing ceremonies take place, located in Ce...

Busan Marine Natural History Museum

The Busan Marine Natural History Museum is a museum displaying exhibits on marine natural history of Busan and located in Dongnae-gu, Busan. It was founded in 1994. The purpose of the foundation is to preserve, to study and to exhibit geological and bi...


The Gwangandaegyo or Diamond Bridge is a suspension bridge located in Busan, South Korea. It connects Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu. The road surface is about 6,500 meters long, with the bridge as a whole spanning 7,420 meters. It is the second longest bri...


Busandaegyo is a bridge in Busan, South Korea. The bridge connects the districts of Yeongdo District and Jung District. The bridge was completed in 1980.

Busan Harbor Bridge

Busan Harbor Bridge is a bridge in Busan, South Korea. The bridge connects the districts of Yeongdo District and Nam District. The bridge was completed in 2014.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery

The United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea, located at Tanggok in the Nam District, City of Busan, Republic of Korea, is a burial ground for United Nations Command (UNC) casualties of the Korean War. It contains 2,300 graves and is the only United N...

Sea Life Busan Aquarium

Sea Life Busan Aquarium is an aquarium located in Haeundae Beach, South Korea. There are about 250 species and up to 35,000 marine animals on display. The main tank contains 3,000,000 litres (790,000 US gal) of water, and the animals can be viewed t...


Namhangdaegyo is a girder bridge in Busan. It spans Yeongdo-gu and Seo-gu and is 1.8 km long in total with four lanes of traffic (two in each direction).

Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Fish Market is a fish market in the neighborhood of Nampo-dong in Jung-gu, and Chungmu-dong, Seo-gu, Busan, South Korea. The market is located on the edge of Nampo Port, Busan. The name is said to have originated from jagal because the market ...

Haeundae LCT The Sharp

Haeundae LCT The Sharp is a major urban development project under construction in Busan, South Korea. Located in Haeundae's popular beach, it consists of a 411.6 m, 101-floor supertall landmark tower and two 85-floor tall residential skyscrapers. It ha...

Haedong Yonggungsa

Haedong Yonggung Temple is a Buddhist temple in Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. The temple was built in 1376 by the teacher known as Naong during the Goryeo Dynasty, and was originally known as Bomun Temple (보문사). It was destroyed during the Japanes...


Taejongdae is a natural park of Busan, South Korea with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of island of Yeongdo-gu. It is a representative visitor attraction of Busan where has dense evergreen trees and several facilities fo...

Shell Mound in Dongsam-dong

Shell Mound in Dongsam-dong, Busan is located on the west coast of Yeong-do Island in Dongsam-dong, Yeongdo District, Busan, South Korea. This archaeological site consists of a midden of shells of various mollusc taxa that were discarded in a relati...

Marine City

Marine City is an expensive and prestigious residential area in Haeundae District, Busan, South Korea. Most of the buildings are very luxurious skyscrapers. Marine City is built on reclaimed land between the popular areas of Haeundae Beach and Centum C...

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is a beach located in Busan, South Korea, and is often considered one of Korea's most famous and beautiful beaches. Haeundae Beach, which is 1.5km long, is located in the Eastern part of Busan, in the Haeundae District. It is accessible ...

Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Korea Maritime and Ocean University is South Korea's most prestigious national university for maritime study, transportation science and engineering. It is located in Yeongdo-gu in Busan. Whole the campus place in the one island.









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