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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Military Museum

The Military Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1878. The museum has over 3000 ancient and modern items. These include Roman swords and helmets, Greek helmets and daggers, Serbian heavy knight's armor, axes, shields, helmets, crossbows, armoured gloves,...

Belgrade Drama Theatre

The Belgrade Drama Theatre was founded in August 1947, and it was the first city theater formed in Belgrade, Serbia after the Second World War. The first opening night of "The Youth of the Fathers" by Boris Gorbatov staged by Petar S. Petrović was perf...

Yugoslav Drama Theatre

In 1947, director Bojan Stupica was appointed the head of the theatre as an artistic manager, much to the dismay of his mother, along with the critic Elli Fincci. Fincci laid the foundation for the reporter orientation of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre as ...

Prince Mihailo Monument

Prince Mihailo (1823–1868) was Prince of Serbia from 1839 to 1842 and again from 1860 to 1868. His rule began after the death of his elder brother until 1842, when he was ousted in a revolt led by Toma Vučić-Perišić. Prince Mihailo came to the thron...

Fenek Monastery

Fenek Monastery is the male monastery in the eparchy of Srem of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The monastery is situated near the village of Јаkovo, 25 km from Belgrade, former Municipality of Zemun and now Surčin. Although geographically it does not bel...


Rajinovac is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the south end of Begaljica. While its date of founding is not known, it was first mentioned in the year 1528 in the Ottoman census of the Belgrade municipalities, listed as "Monastery of saint Rajko"...

Rakovica Monastery

Although the origin of the monastery, according to the folk tradition, is associated with the epoch of Serbian kings Dragutin and Мilutin, the contemporary documents question that. The earliest written mention of the monastery was found in the travel a...

Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1901, when the Ethnographic Department was separated from the National Museum of Serbia. The inauguration of the first permanent exhibition of the museum was organized on 20 September 1904, during the ...

Museum of Ivo Andrić

The Museum of Ivo Andrić is a museum in Belgrade, Serbia. It is dedicated to the Nobel prize winning writer Ivo Andrić. The library contains 4,502 bibliographical units, rich collection of photographs, numerous Andrić's personal holdings, and writer...

Jewish Historical Museum

The museum is located in a building designed by Samuel Sumbul in 1928 for the Jewish Sephardic community; an inscription near the top of the building states: "The Home of the Jewish Religious-School Community". The Jewish Historical Museum was founded ...

Manak's House

In the early 19th century, Palilula and Savamala were the only suburbs inhabited predominantly by Serbs. The latter started from what is now Kraljevića Marka Street and encompassed the area around Zeleni venac, Bosanska (Gavrila Principa) and Abadžijsk...

Keys Handover Memorial

The Keys Handover Memorial marks the place on Kalemegdan where a ceremonial, symbolic, handing over the keys of Belgrade, Smederevo, Šabac and Kladovo fortresses was made represent a material evidence which indirectly expresses the importance of the ev...

Monument to Dositej Obradović

The monument was built as a result of the initiative of the Serbian Literary Cooperative and Јоvan Skerlić, an admirer of Obradović. After some preliminary discussions for the monument, formal plans were made to construct the monument for the 100 year ...

Monument to the Unknown Hero

On the night of 13/14 October 1915, Combined squad of the Belgrade's Defense, held the line Avala-Zuce, defending it from the joint Austro-Hungarian and German offensive. Austro-Hungarian 9th Hill brigade of the 59th Division took the front rim of Aval...

Church of St. Basil of Ostrog

Church of Saint Basil of Ostrog is a Serbian Orthodox Church located in Bežanijska Kosa neighbourhood of New Belgrade. Its construction started in 1996 and completed in 2001, and is the first church built in New Belgrade since World War II. The archite...

Belgrade University Library

The Svetozar Marković University Library is the central library within the system of the University of Belgrade's libraries, named after Svetozar Marković, Serbian political activist in the 19th century. It is located on King Alexander Boulevard, close...

National Library of Serbia

The establishment of the Library is connected to an historical event in February 1832, when Dimitrije Davidović, publisher of the first Serbian newspaper, sent a letter about establishing a national library in honour of Prince Miloš Obrenović. The same...

House of Stevan Mokranjac

House of Stevan Mokranjac in Belgrade is significant as the house where the famous composer Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac lived and worked, during his stay in Belgrade. It is located on the corner of 16, Dositej Street and Gospodar Jevremova. The hous...

Church of Saint Sava

The Church of Saint Sava is a Serbian Orthodox church located on the Vračar plateau in Belgrade. It is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and ranks among the largest church buildings in the world. The church is dedicated to Saint Sava...

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

During the Austrian occupation of northern Serbia 1717-39, several hospitals were established in Belgrade. The Capucines were granted to do missionary work in Belgrade on 23 August 1718, by the Emperor's decision. They were given one of the mosques whi...









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