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Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew

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Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew, also known as the Temple on the Glass Cliff, is a magnificent Buddhist temple situated in the province of Phetchabun, Thailand. This temple is renowned for its stunning architecture, intricate details, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Here's some information to enhance your visit:

1. Plan your visit: Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew is located in a remote area, so it's important to plan your visit in advance. Consider checking the weather forecast and choosing a day with clear skies for the best views. It's also advisable to arrive early in the day to avoid crowds and fully appreciate the temple's beauty.

2. Dress appropriately: As with any temple visit in Thailand, it's important to dress modestly and respectfully. Both men and women should cover their shoulders, knees, and ankles. Wearing comfortable footwear is recommended as there are several staircases and walkways to explore.

3. Explore the temple complex: The temple complex is vast and offers several buildings and areas to explore. Marvel at the intricate details of the temple's architecture, including the mosaic tiles and golden accents. Take your time to visit the main pagoda, prayer halls, meditation areas, and the iconic glass cliff viewpoint.

4. Climb the glass cliff: One of the highlights of Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew is the glass cliff, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Climb the staircase to reach the glass platform and enjoy the stunning vistas. Be cautious when walking on the glass surface, especially if it's wet or slippery.

5. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere: Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew is known for its serene and peaceful ambiance. Take a moment to sit in one of the meditation areas and soak in the tranquility of the surroundings. Respect the silence and allow yourself to experience a sense of calm and inner reflection.

6. Learn about the history: Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew has a fascinating history. Construction of the temple began in 2004 and took several years to complete. The temple was built as a tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the beloved former king of Thailand. It serves as a place of worship, meditation, and spiritual guidance for both locals and visitors.

7. Capture the views: Don't forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning views from the temple complex. The panoramic vistas of the mountains and valleys make for remarkable photographs. However, remember to be respectful and avoid using your camera in the areas designated for prayer or meditation.

8. Support the temple: Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew relies on donations and visitor support for its maintenance and upkeep. Consider making a small donation to contribute to the temple's ongoing preservation efforts. There may also be opportunities to purchase souvenirs or support local artisans within the temple grounds.

Visiting Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew is a memorable and awe-inspiring experience. Take the time to appreciate the architectural beauty, immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, and enjoy the panoramic views that this remarkable temple has to offer.

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