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Anthony Quinn Bay

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Anthony Quinn Bay, located on the island of Rhodes in Greece, is a stunning and popular tourist destination. This picturesque bay is named after the famous Hollywood actor, Anthony Quinn, who fell in love with its beauty while filming "The Guns of Navarone" in 1961.

Originally, Anthony Quinn Bay was a small fishing village with crystal-clear waters and pebble beaches. Quinn himself was so captivated by the bay that he decided to buy the surrounding land, turning it into his personal paradise. Today, the bay is a protected area and part of the Faliraki-Kolymbia Marine Reserve.

Natural Beauty:
Visitors are drawn to Anthony Quinn Bay for its natural beauty and vibrant turquoise waters. The bay is surrounded by rocky cliffs covered in lush greenery, creating a stunning contrast against the blue sea. The beach itself is small but idyllic, with pebbles rather than sand. The calm and clear waters make it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Tips for Visitors:
1. Transportation: Anthony Quinn Bay is located approximately 15 kilometers south of Rhodes Town. You can reach the bay by car, taxi, or public bus. If you prefer to drive, there is a small parking area available. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or catch a bus from Rhodes Town.

2. Facilities: While the bay does not have any sunbeds or umbrellas for rent, it does offer some basic facilities such as toilets and a small kiosk where you can buy refreshments. Make sure to bring your own beach towels, sun protection, and snacks if needed.

3. Snorkeling: The bay is known for its excellent snorkeling opportunities. The crystal-clear waters are home to a variety of marine life and underwater caves waiting to be explored. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear to fully enjoy this experience.

4. Timing: Anthony Quinn Bay can get quite crowded during the peak summer months, especially in the afternoons. To avoid the crowds, it's best to visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This way, you can fully appreciate the beauty of the bay without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Nearby Attractions: If you have more time to spare, you can explore other nearby attractions such as Ladiko Bay, which is just a short walk away. Additionally, the lively resort town of Faliraki is also close by, offering a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Anthony Quinn Bay is a hidden gem on the island of Rhodes, offering visitors a chance to relax in a breathtaking natural setting. Whether you're a nature lover or simply seeking a tranquil beach experience, this bay is definitely worth a visit.