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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians

The basilica enshrines an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Our Lady Help of Christians. Pope Leo XIII granted a Canonical coronation to the painted image on 17 May 1903 via his Papal legate, Cardnal Agostino Richelmy. In addition, th...

Royal Armoury of Turin

The Royal Armoury was founded by Charles Albert, king of Sardinia, and opened to the public in 1837. Since then it has been housed in the Galleria Beaumont, built on the site of a previous gallery connecting the Royal Palace to Palazzo Madama. Designed...

Accorsi - Ometto Museum

The route through the museum leads through 27 rooms, divided into two sections: the first presents the exhibition of pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, in particular Baccarat crystals, silverware, and Meissen porcelain. The second section present...

Sabauda Gallery

The museum, whose first directors were Roberto and Massimo d'Azeglio, unites the art collection of Eugene of Savoy, acquired after his death by his cousin, the king of Sardinia, with the works from the Royal Palace of Turin, the picture gallery of the ...

Royal Palace of Turin

Construction of the palace was ordered by the Regent Maria Christina in 1645. She wanted a new residence for the court after her son returned from the civil war. The chosen location was the previous Bishop's Palace, which had been built in the middl...

Turin City Museum of Ancient Art

The museum was founded in 1934, as the heir of the Pinacoteca Regia and the Galleria Reale, which had been established in Palazzo Madama by king Charles Albert of Savoy in 1832. A Civic Museum had been founded in 1860 in the wake of the unification ...

Piazza San Carlo

The square has become a normal stage of different historical and social events, including election rallies, concerts, events, live TV (like the 2006 Winter Olympics and Juventus matches). On 3 June 2017, a robbery attempt followed by a loud bang cau...

Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo

The project was first introduced to the municipality in November 2007. After controversies on its height and the impact on the skyline, construction eventually started in December 2008. The Intesa Sanpaolo tower was built by the Italian main contractor...

Palazzo Gualino

The Palazzo Gualino was built for the financier and art patron Riccardo Gualino, who saw the rationalist work of the architect Giuseppe Pagano (1896–1945) in an exhibition in 1928. He commissioned Pagano to build his company's headquarters in Turin on ...

Palazzo Madama

At the beginning of the first century BC, the site of the palace was occupied by a gate in the Roman walls from which the decumanus maximus of Augusta Taurinorum (the ancient name of Turin) departed. Two of the towers, although restored, still testify ...

Santuario della Consolata

The Benedictines were the first monastic order to settle in this location. A church at the site, probably dedicated to Our Lady, stood adjacent to the ancient Roman walls of the city. It is held that in the fifth century, Bishop Maximus erected a churc...

Basilica of Corpus Domini

The church has a massive façade, with six pilasters and four columns supporting the entablature, in typical Baroque style. It is completed by statue of angels and saints by Bernardo Falconi, dating to the late 17th century. The interior has a single...

Teatro Carignano

The Teatro Carignano (Carignano Theatre) is a theatre in Turin and one of the oldest and most important theatres in Italy. Designed by Benedetto Alfieri, it is located opposite the Palazzo Carignano. Building commenced in 1752 and the theatre was inaug...

Juventus Stadium

Juventus signed an agreement with Sportfive Italia which gave the company "exclusive naming and partial promotional and sponsorship rights for the new stadium". In the agreement, Sportfive was given the rights to the name of the stadium from 2011 to 20...

Palazzo Lancia

n the early 1950s Lancia produced cars, buses, trucks, motors, spare parts and panels for vans. The company had less employees and workers per head than Fiat, but needed to build central headquarters within which it could house offices and important me...

Teatro Regio

The Teatro Regio (Royal Theatre) was inaugurated on 26 December 1740 with Francesco Feo's Arsace. It was a sumptuously built facility, seating 1,500 and with 139 boxes located on five tiers plus a gallery. However, the theatre was closed on royal or...

Palatine Towers

The name Porta Palatina literally refers to a palazzo (palace) placed near the gate, but it is not clear what palace is here referred to. The most trusted theory suggests that it might be either the former Casa del Senato (House of the Senate), a me...

Villa della Regina

Prince Maurice of Savoy and his brother Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignano opposed the Regency and fled to Spain. Following his return to Turin, Maurice died at the Villa in 1657 and willed it to his wife Louise Christine of Savoy who also died there ...

Residences of the Royal House of Savoy

The House of Savoy is an ancient royal family, being founded in year 1003 in the Savoy region (now in Rhône-Alpes, France), later expanding so that by 1720 it reigned over the Kingdom of Sardinia in northwestern Italy. Through its junior branch, the Ho...

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

It is dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy. It was wanted by his son, King Umberto I, and paid him at his own expense. The monument, in bronze and granite, is the work of architect Pietro Costa. It was erected between 1882 and 189...









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