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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

Kiev-Pasazhyrskyi railway station

Kyiv-Passazhyrsky is a railway station in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Serving more than 170,000 passengers per day (as of 2005). Southern Station is a misnomer in virtually universal usage in Kiev, referring to a large entrance with ticket booths ...

Kiev Fortress

The Kiev Fortress is a complex of Russian fortifications in Kiev, Ukraine built over the span of 17-19th centuries, soon after the 1654 Council in Pereyaslav. Kiev Fortress once belonged to the extensive system of western Russian fortresses that exi...

National Opera of Ukraine

Established in the summer of 1867 by Ferdinand Berger. Berger succeeded in inviting many talented singers, musicians, and conductors, and the city council (duma) had offered the newly created trouppe to use the City Theatre (constructed in 1856, archit...

The Motherland Monument

The stainless steel statue stands 62 m (203 ft) tall upon the museum main building with the overall structure measuring 102 m (335 ft) including its base and weighing 560 tons. The sword in the statue's right hand is 16 m (52 ft) long weighing 9 tons, ...

Golden Gate

The Golden Gates of Kiev was the main gate in the 11th century fortifications of Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus'. It was named in imitation of the Golden Gate of Constantinople. The structure was dismantled in the Middle Ages, leaving few vestiges of ...

Kiev Metro

The Kiev Metro, or Kyiv Metro is a metro system that is the mainstay of Kiev's public transport. It was the first rapid transit system in Ukraine and the third one built in the Soviet Union (after Moscow and St Petersburg Metros). It has three lines wi...

City Park

City Park is a park in Kiev located between Khreshchaty Park and Mariinsky Park. Along with Volodymyr Hill, Khreshchaty Park, Mariinsky Park, Askold's Grave, and Park of the Eternal Glory, it creates one big elongated park zone along the right bank of ...

Kiev City State Administration

Kyiv is a "city with special status" within Ukraine compared to the other administrative subdivisions of the country — the most significant difference is that the city is subordinated directly to the national-level branches of the Government of Ukraine...

Boryspil International Airport

On 22 June 1959, the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR ordered the establishment of regular civil air traffic to the then military airfield near Boryspil. On 7 July 1959, the new airport (named Kyiv-Tsentralnyi) received its first scheduled fli...

Old Kiev

Old Kiev is a historical neighborhood of Kiev. Other names include Upper City, Old Town, and others. It is located at the far eastern portion of the Shevchenko Raion. Old Kiev historically represents the city of Yaroslav the Wise before it was presumab...

Kiev Funicular

The funicular was constructed during 1902-1905, and was first opened to the public on 20 May [O.S. 7 May] 1905. The construction cost, about 230,000 Russian rubles, was covered by a Belgian owner of the Kiev trams. The funicular was the project of Arth...

Kiev in Miniature

Kiev in Miniature is a park of miniatures, situated in Kiev in the area of Hydropark. There are exposed models of Kiev architectural sightseeings, in the scale of 1:33. The park's area is 1.8 hectares. It was opened on 23 June 2006, the closest metro s...

Kiev Theological Academy

The Kiev Academy traces its history back to 1615, when Yelisey Pletenetsky founded a school at the Brotherhood Monastery in Kiev. Several decades later, Peter Mohyla, from 1632 an Orthodox Metroplitan of Kiev under the Patriarchate of Constantinople, m...

Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the central square of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. One of the city's main squares, it is located on Khreshchatyk Street in the Shevchenko Raion. The square has been known under many different names, but often it is called ...

Bessarabska Square

The Bessarabska Square is a square located at the southwest end of Khreshchatyk, the main thoroughfare of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is located in the city's Shevchenko Raion (district), at the busy intersection of Khreshchatyk, Taras Shevchenko ...

European Square

uropean Square is a square located in what is known as the Old Town (Stare Misto) or the Upper Town, in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is also located at the north-eastern end of the Khreschatyk, the city's main thoroughfare. Other streets connected ...

Postal Square

The Poshtova Square in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is one of the oldest historic squares of the city. Archaeological findings are dated back to the 4th century. A crossing of several historic streets such as Volodymyrsky Descent, Borychiv Descent ...

Bridges in Kiev

Kiev, that historically was situated on the right bank of the Dnieper River, covers both banks of the river whose width, as it flows through the city, reaches some several hundred metres. Additionally, several tributaries fall into the Dnieper inside o...

Kiev Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left-bank of Dnieper

The Kiev Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy is a theatre in Kiev in Ukraine. It was founded in 1979 and performances are put on in two languages - Russian and Ukrainian. A play by Vladimir Vinnichenko in 1992 became the first Ukrainian performance at...

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater is a Ukrainian theater in Kiev. The building of the theater was built in 1898 by Eduard Bradtman and G.Shleifer for the Nikolai Solovtsov's Soviety of Drama Actors (better known as the Solovtsov Theater). ...









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