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Top places of interest

Here is a list of just a few of the places of interest that you can find on our offline map.

University of Chile

The QS University Ranking ranks the University of Chile as the sixth in Latin America and 201 in the world. The school boasts an outstanding 100 points in both Academic and Employer Reputation categories. The world ranking of universities, elaborated b...

Santiago Stock Exchange

The exchange trades in stocks, bonds, investment funds, stock options, futures, gold and silver coins minted by the Banco Central de Chile, and US dollars on Telepregón, its electronic platform. The only floor trading conducted is the share market, con...

University of Santiago

The Escuela de Artes y Oficios (EAO)(spanish School of Arts and Crafts) was founded in July 6, 1849 during the Manuel Bulnes Prieto rule, to improve scientific and technical development in the country. It started with four workshops: Mining, Mechanics,...

La Moneda Palace

La Moneda, originally a colonial mint (moneda means coin or currency), was designed by Italian architect Joaquín Toesca. Construction began in 1784 and was opened in 1805, while still under construction. The production of coins in Chile took place at L...

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport

The airport is owned by the Chilean government and has been operated since October 2015 by Nuevo Pudahuel, a consortium of companies formed by Aéroports de Paris (France), Vinci (France) and Astaldi (Italy). Air traffic control is handled by the Direct...

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

UC was founded on June 21, 1888 by the Santiago Archbishop, to offer training in traditional professions (law) and in technological and practical fields such as business, accounting, chemistry, and electricity. Its first chancellor was Monsignor Joaquí...

Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

The Biblioteca Nacional de Chile is the national library of Chile. It is located on the Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins in Santiago, in a building completed in 1925, though its history reaches to the early nineteenth century before it was...

Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

The Biblioteca Nacional de Chile is the national library of Chile. It is located on the Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins in Santiago, in a building completed in 1925, though its history reaches to the early nineteenth century before it was...

Casa Colorada

Casa Colorada (English: Red House) is a colonial house built located in Santiago, Chile. It was built in 1769, by Joseph de la Vega for Mateo de Toro y Zambrano, and currently houses the Museo de Santiago (English: Museum of Santiago). The house has a ...

Teatro Caupolicán

The history of Teatro Caupolicán began in 1936, when the Caja de Empleados Públicos (or the resources for public employment), financed the construction of the location for large scale spectacles in Santiago. The theatre has hosted a wide array of ty...

Cementerio General de Santiago

This cemetery is the final resting place for at least 172 of the most influential people in Chile, including all but two of the deceased Presidents of Chile, the exceptions being Gabriel González Videla and Augusto Pinochet. One of the most visited mem...

Centenario Tower

The Centenario Tower (Spanish: Torre Centenario) is a skyscraper office building in Santiago, the capital of Chile. It was finished in 2000 and has 31 floors, of which 5 are basement. It has a floor area of 48,500m² and a height of 371 feet (112 met...

Central Post Office Building

The Central Post Office Building is a historic post office building on the northern edge of the Plaza de Armas, in Santiago, Chile. It is adjacent to the Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago and is located on what was the land lot originally owned ...

Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

The Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral was inaugurated in September 2010 and is named after Gabriela Mistral. Today it's a cultural centre devoted to disseminate and promote performing arts and music. Among many other activities, it offers contemporary d...

Centro Cultural Matucana 100

The Centro Cultural Matucana 100 is a cultural center located in the commune of Estación Central in Santiago, Chile, near Quinta Normal Park. Matucana 100 is a not-for-profit corporation that hosts and plans cultural events and educational programs rel...

Chilean National Zoo

The history of the national zoo dates back to the 19th century. In 1882, the country's first zoo was inaugurated in Quinta Normal by professor Julio Bernard, followed twenty years later by another zoo in Concepción featuring native animals, founded by ...

Club de la Unión

The Club de la Unión is a gentlemen's club in Santiago, Chile. The name derives from the fact the club united rich men coming together from opposing political parties. Club members met for the first time on July 8, 1864 and its first president was Manu...

Costanera Center

The mall opened on June 12, 2012 and it is the largest in South America. Designed by Canadian retail agency Watt International, the mall has six floors and includes hypermarket: Jumbo , luxury and international fashion stores such as Armani Exchange, F...

Edificio Ariztía

Edificio Ariztía is a building located at 52 Nueva York Street in downtown Santiago, Chile, on a wedge-shaped city block. It was completed in 1921 and is considered the first "skyscraper" in Santiago. The building, constructed in reinforced concrete, w...

Edificio Ex Hotel Mundial

The Edificio Ex Hotel Mundial is a former hotel building in Santiago, Chile. Located on a triangular lot, the building was commissioned by La Mundial Insurance Company and built in 1920-1923. In 1935, the building was offered for rental and operated as...









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